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Emilia is Our Grandmother

Emilia is not the Italian region, Emilia is not a city.
Emilia is our grandmother. In 1964 grandma Emilia inspired and supported the construction of the Hotel on a beautiful wheat field overlooking Portonovo Bay and hanging between the sky and the sea. Over forty years before that date, in 1923, Emilia had already created the first Osteria in the hamlet of Poggio and in 1929the restaurant on the beach of Portonovo, where she prepared the most appreciated moscioli sauce of the town, later on also tasted and loved by Prince Charles of Wales.

She was a countryside woman who offered herself to the sea and then never got back. She was the keystone around which the world of Portonovo was rotating in those years, the point where everyone met, sooner or later, as in a safe and peaceful harbour to arrive at.
Grandma, thanks to her strong presence, contributed to the realization of our mother Elia and our father Lamberto’s dream: building this Hotel. The sincere sense of hospitality and the great passion for art and music have always made this Hotel a unique one.
It is thanks to this passion that in 1966 the Ginestra del Conero Award was created and dedicated to painters, sculptors and writers.
Many of the wonderful pieces of art born inside Hotel Emilia between 1966 and 2001 from the hands of national and international artists, are still here nowadays and transform the Hotel into a little modern art gallery.
In 2002 Hotel Emilia opened its door to music, inaugurating a series of concert seasons called Emilia Concerti sul Prato (Concerts on the Lawn) during which Italian and world famous jazz artists perform in the Hotel Park.

Hotel Emilia is the result of a passion that has penetrated three generations: starting from our grandmother Emilia, passing through our mother Elia, our father Lamberto, our brother Maurizio, and today still living in us, Raffaella and Michele.

Elia, Emilia’s daughter, and her husband Lamberto are the couple who created this little paradise.
Enlivened by a deep confidence into each other and...

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Nel 1966 Elia e Lamberto si fanno promotori assieme ad alcuni amici, Bruno Fanesi, Giovanni Maria Farroni, Otello Giuliodori, Manlio Marinelli e Franco Scataglini...

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It was 2002 when the park of Hotel Emilia firstly coloured itself with music: Emilia Concerti sul Prato (Emilia Concerts on the Lawn) was born...

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