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Emilia’s Big Heart

Emilia was a socialite and Emilio, her husband, was her first assistant.
Their natural intelligence, their instinctive intuition, their being so open to new ideas, their curiosity towards imagination and, above all, their love for human beings, made this couple the progenitors of a family that has always been open to the world of art in all its forms.
Painting, sculpture, music, photography, poetry, theatre: every form of art speaking to every single person’s heart, but concerning all of us as humankind.

You will discover the signs of this love through the sculptures in the Park, the paintings in the dining room, the pictures, the books in the library and thanks to the many famous people who chose to spend their holidays with us: Nanni Moretti, Dustin Hofmann, Neve Campbell, Giovanna Bandini, Isabella Ragonese, Gill Andrew James, Nava Goran, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Mario Martone and many others.