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The Taste of Good

The history of our dishes dates back to last century when Grandma Emilia started to cook and became the queen of the moscioli sauce, a typical dish of the Riviera del Cònero we suggest you to try! It is very much loved by the inhabitants of Ancona and also by Prince Charles!

After grandma Emilia, also our mother Elia became synonym with high cuisine and genuine flavours. She received the Michelin Star in 1971 and then she left our young Chefs this legacy, along with curiosity, passion for food research and a refined sensibility in the gourmet taste of her children, us, who are preserving the tradition of healthy and good food.

A familiar and cosy atmosphere characterizes breakfast time, with all the comforts of a 4 star Hotel. Every morning, starting from the welcoming smile of our waiting staff...

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The Restaurant welcomes you with its artistic atmosphere.
You will comfortably sit at the tables set in the Art Gallery, or on the outside terrace in the garden overlooking the sea...

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On the green lawn, between the swimming pool and the sea, stands the wood gazebo of Hotel Emilia. Here you can have a coffee, or...

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