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The Hotel Emilia, a white sculpture between the sky and the sea, welcomes you with a unique view of the cliff overlooking the crystal clear water of Portonovo Bay in the Regional Park of Mount Cònero.

From the well trimmed garden equipped with deck chairs and the pine tree wood growing up till the mountain top and then gently descending towards the beaches of white pebbles, you will breathe the perfumes of the sea and the broom flowers, as well as lavender and flowering black locusts.

Born as the fruit of a long family history in 1964, the Hotel has the same name as Grandma Emilia. Here you will find a testimony of past traditions and feelings that Raffaella and Michele love to share with their Guests.

Tuesday, 07 April 2015
For those who want to taste the scents and flavours of our Riviera, surrounded by the greenery of our private park and the deep blue of the Adriatic sea. From the rich à la carte menu for the new 2015 season we propose you 2 Welcome Meals

Special Events

The Restaurant of Hotel Emilia has always been with you for your special events.
Here you can celebrate your birthday, your university degree, your wedding, your wedding anniversary, your children’s baptism, big meetings as well as small gatherings. And much more.

For more information: +39 071 801117, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Health and Beauty

If you need to relax, we will offer you gentle massages and if you want to plunge into nature in the Regional Park of Mount Conero, we will organise morning walks and mountain-bike tours. But never forget that health and beauty are also a delicious idleness, the “dolce far niente”!